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Don't worry about it.

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I just took mine last week. Basic math, reading and language comprehension, and write an essay. Took me little over an hour, mostly with the math. Thank you all! Devilry Posts: Member.

Is this still un-proctored? Have you passed the 6th grade? If so, you can pass this "test". If you can't pass the test, you will have major issues with any higher education you decide to take, and would need to focus on high school or below level education first. As others have said, just relax and take your time. I was able to complete the test in 45 mins to an hour. I applied for the Database program then the MBA program a while back and had to take the assessment.

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It wasn't bad at all. This exam really is nothing to worry about. November I took the readiness assessment yesterday. I learned that I have passed it. I recommend that you spend a little bit of time doing a math review. Khan Academy helped me a lot. Specially reviewing algebra's order of operation, absolute values, graphic lines, and fractions. For the English section the main focus of the test is making sure you comprehend the language and can write as well.

Wgu readiness assessment essay. Wgu essay assessment.

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WGU readiness assessment test

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Video Owlcation. Wgu essay topics Blog. Get some sleep if you can.

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