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Just imagine a hungry tiger looking at a poor innocent deer. In this case I was the poor deer, and she was the hungry tiger. I went running to Ipshita like a kid goes running to mommy when he sees boogie man. Looking at her I felt like laughing to but I just controlled because inside I knew I made a big mess. I was so scared that after a while I started to cry and watching me cry, Ipshita went running to that girl I bitched about and told her about my condition and how scared I was.

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After a while to my horror I saw that girl coming towards me. She came near me and I literally thought she is going to punch me but here is the twist to the story she hugged me.

You heard me right she hugged me! I have no idea what Ipshita said to that girl but it was a miracle. So she is that friend with whom I travel a lot. We have been to a lot of amazing places since we were a kid. It was summer of and we were travelling the whole Utrakhand , so there were this place where there was a very small and pretty waterfall and the locals were swimming and having fun in the water. So we also decided to jump in with the locals. I was so excited that I forgot to change my jean and wear something which will be comfortable and easy to change after I come out of the water.

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Because of the water the jeans got stuck to my legs. I called Shraddha to help me out and she tried to pull the pants away from my legs but nothing worked. I was so scared because she convinced me that I have to cut my legs if I want to get these pants away from me.

She held one leg and Shraddha held one leg and both of them started pulling with all their capabilities and boom the pants came off!! But I was the subject of mockery for the entire day.

Funny incident.. on school's very first day..

She is one friend who is totally insane she is always laughing making you laugh she totally makes your life worth living. But she has this weird habit of grossing us out. She has the tendency that if she sees some weird or gross thing she has to make us watch it too. So one day she came running to me with a scared face , it was as if she has seen a ghost.

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She came upto me and said I have seen a dead body in the toilet and her expressions were so real that I actually thought there is a dead body in the toilet. I went running with her towards the toilet. I was so excited! You guys are cracking me up! I LOVE these! Thank you so much for taking the time to type them out for us! It was during the first few weeks of preschool and it was my first year of teaching. Ihad brought my kids back to our building after lunch and asked if anyone needed to use the bathroom.

If you do need to go to the bathroom, go over here next to the wall. I turned to send the rest of them to the bathroom and noticed one of the boys was turned unbuttoning his pants and trying to pee on the wall!

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  8. I had to quickly stop him and rush him into the building and my aide and I have joked about it ever since. In one of my lessons in religion I asked one of my teenage students to read a paragraph loud. The day before pajama day in our class I was reminding my students that the next day would be a special day. Do not come to school in your underwear — only wear your pajamas!

    My 5th graders were abusing their bathroom privileges so I started charging for bathroom trips using our classroom economy students get tickets for behavior, certain assignments and jobs. Well, my class did not like that one bit. Free the pee! It was such a great slogan that it immediately caught on and the entire class started chanting it. I had to laugh so hard, as it really is a great slogan.

    To build background for a story we were reading, my class and I were discussing different holidays and the reasons we celebrate them. With Easter nearby, my class decided to have a discussion about it. I promptly wrote it down on a post-it and it has been on my computer monitor for the last 4 years in case I am having a bad day and need a good laugh. I was teaching 3rd grade social studies and we were learning about the civil war in SC.

    I had them recording their time line of the civil war and one of my students was so excited to let me hear his. This was my same child who also went into the cafeteria to get his salad. I like the English kind. One day when I went for shopping one boy is standing on the gate firstly he was looking like a thief but suddenly I thought that he would be the gatekeeper than from another side the original gatekeeper was coming than my misunderstanding get clear than I believe that he would we the thief. I told this to gatekeeper he said that he is the owner of this shopping mall.

    Angela Watson Angela is a National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years experience in the classroom, plus over a decade of experience as an instructional coach. Discussion 33 Comments. June 6, June 29, Angela Watson.

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    Nathan Tackett. Beth Bo. Shelly Wood. Shibahn Landry. Jen C. Alison Bodily.

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    M Tangen. Kim G. June 7, June 19, Monica Angell. June 8, June 10, August 7, CD Greier. December 18, Bree Spivey. January 18, February 2, March 15, June 18, July 23, There are various reflective models written by various theorists and they In order to guide the author undertake this reflection, Johns life model will be utilised.


    As the first stage of Johns reflective model asks for the description of the event, the descriptive part will be attached see appendix A. In accordance with the NMC Code of Professional Conduct the names of the incident involved have been changed using pseudonym in the essay of James, Jennifer The Roswell Incident, which enlightened our minds to the capacity of excepting, has remained one of the funny controversial issues issues today.

    Standpoints on Extraterrestrials 1. Roswell, New Mexico A. She was late for school. She could imagine her teacher staring at her in anger. Reena rushed to the bus stop. She waited for an hour for the bus. She was angry because there was no bus. Suddenly, a car passed by. He asked Reena if she wanted a ride. Since there was a Science exam, Reena said ok.

    The man opened the door and Reena got in. We used to have language classes in the first year. We had Kannada class in that semester and the Kannada sir decided to have an activity for us - Pick and Speak! We had to pick up a chit and talk about the topic cover letter for rca kannada for 2 to 3 minutes. When my turn came, I picked up a chit and the topic was Surya Sun!

    I just turned to him and asked if I could sing a song about Sun I had learnt a new kannada song on Sun! The whole class started laughing. And I did Sing about Sun that day. Short Essay on Funny Incident of My Life A Dangerous Experience Everyone knows how we can take suffer the I could have a motorcycle accident that gave me a life lesson on the rest of my life. Introduction to Extraterrestrials A.