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However, fifty percent of these couples cannot seem to fulfill their marriage vows. As a result, they choose to get a divorce. Divorce is very easy to do nowadays unlike the past. Statistics show that the four main causes of divorce are: financial difficulty, women are more independent, infidelity, and couples are getting married at a young age.

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The number one cause for divorce is financial difficulty, before a couple enters a marriage they have their own bills and spending habits, they do not. Causes and Effects of Divorce Relationships are all about give and take, and to maintain them people must be willing to do the work. Today dissolution of marriage is being used as the easy way out when couples can no longer agree. Although people tend to think carefully before they get marriage, the rate of divorce continuously rise nowadays.

There are three main causes of divorce: lack of communication, financial problems, and infidelity, which are explained throughout this essay. The first significant. What causes this sacred life-long bond to not be so permanent? Every day. Why has the divorce rate in the UK change over the past 30 years? Contents Introduction There are several reasons that cause people to divorce and this result affects the children. The divorce rates still at a high rate that in the Unites States statistics show, one out of two marriages end in divorce.

The current divorce rate may be decreasing however at the same time many people are not getting married so therefore the divorce rates remains low.

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When people. Divorce rate also known as divorce demography, which is the study of demographic factors that impact divorced as a social phenomenon, the divorce demography can clearly evaluate and reflect the marriage stability and happiness index of certain countries or area and that is the reason why data statistics of divorce rate is important. The number of divorces in was declined to. Therefore, it can be seen that differences in expectations and a shift in mindset in a marriage can lead to an increased divorce rate.

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Physical abuse is another major factor that should not be ignored when one is looking at factors that can lead to divorce. Many people before and during marriage often state that if their spouse ever him them or abused them physically or even sexually then the relationship will be over. Domestic violence has demonstrated its bad hand in the United States and the number of divorces that are a result of domestic abuse have been on an increase.

Further, the abusing of a child or children for that matter can be said to be another cause that can lead to divorce automatically Ackerman While there are many people that opt and agree to stay in a physically abusive relationships and there are some spouses that look another way if their children is abused by their spouse, there are several spouses that cannot look another way when they are abused.

This is especially because the person that abuses them or their children promised to love them and this is why this is often a very big issue. Dishonesty is another important factor that according to many people can often lead to divorce. However, when studying dishonesty as a factor that leads to divorce it is of the essence to understand that different relationships often have their own definitions of dishonesty.

There are those that believe that indeed dishonesty often involves those incidents where their spouses deliberately say something that they know is untrue. However, there are also those that argue that anything that is misleading from the truth be it verbal or expressed can be seen as a lie.

There are many couples that have argued that if their spouses lied to them in important matters they might not continue with their relationships. This trend has been especially seen with people that have children in previous relationships but did not mention it to their spouses.

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This often boils over and in most cases it often leads to a divorce. Most Americans during interviews have often stated that they believe that a marriage should be built on absolute trust and when this trust is abused or even broken most of them cannot continue being in the relationship. The last major factor that can lead to a divorce is addictions. For many people, addiction is something that cannot be totally forgiven. This is especially made worse if the addiction was not revealed in the beginning of the relationship.

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Some addiction which can be described as deal breakers in most marriages include drug and alcohol problems, pornography and even gambling. The addiction in most relationships often create trust issues and the spouse often feels that he or she cannot be able to trust his or her significant other. This is an important concept as marriage is often pegged on reliability.

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When one is addicted to a certain drug or habit, the spouse often feels that he or she cannot be able to count on their significant other to be consistent with his or her behavior or even put their relationship before anything else. When an addiction goes on for a long time, it wears down the foundation of a marriage and consequently a divorce ensues.

The first major factor for divorce is infidelity. Most divorces in the United States are as a result of infidelity. The person that that has been cheated on feels betrayed and one cannot be able to get past it Strong Another factor is dishonesty, persons often feel that trust is an important concept in a relationship and when dishonesty comes in the relationship cannot continue. Having different perspectives and change in objectives in life can be another factor that can lead to divorce.

Finally, money problems, domestic abuse and addiction problems are other factors that can lead to divorce. Strong, Bryan, and Theodore F. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Ackerman, Marc J, and Andrew W. Psychological Experts in Divorce Actions. If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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