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Publisher, place of publication. Total number of pages pp.

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In: Gray, J. Lyme borreliosis : biology, epidemiology and control. Koricheva, J. Place of meta-analysis among other methods of research synthesis. In: Mengersen, K.

Citations and Reference Tips for Science Thesis

Handbook of meta-analysis in ecology and evolution. Princeton University Press, Princeton, pp. Partridge, L. Thermal evolution of ectotherm body size: why get big in the cold?

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In: Johnston, I. Animals and temperature: phenotypic and evolutionary adaptation. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. Von Bertalanffy, L. Principles and theory of growth.

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  6. In: Norwinski W. Fundamental aspects of normal and malignant growth. Elsevier, New York, pp. Wellington, E. H, Marsh, P. Toth, I. The selective effects of antibiotics in soils. In: Guerrero, R. Trends in microbial ecology: proceedings of the sixth International symposium on microbial ecology, Barcelona, September, Spanish Society for Microbiology, Barcelona, pp. Last name s , initial s of the chapter author s NB! Chapter title. Book title : subtitle. Publisher, place of publication, chapter pages.

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    Leave A Reply. The journal you select should target appropriate readership, be accredited and be accessible to your peers. Start by asking yourself the following questions:.

    When selecting your journal think about audience, purposes, what to write about and why. Decide the kind of article to write.

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    Is it a report, position paper, critique or review? What makes your argument or research interesting? How might the paper add value to the field? Be clear what your article is about, and what it is trying to do. Turning your PhD into a successful book. She holds a doctorate in science education from Wits University and is a specialist in academic development and science education. Her professional career includes appointments as high school science and maths teacher, teacher educator William Pitcher college, Swaziland and University of Swaziland , lecturer and professor in chemistry and chemistry education on access programmes and subsequently teacher education at Wits University and science education research at Wits University.