Essay on protection of domestic animals

In big cities, big cow farms are kept to get milk for multiple purposes.

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In villages as well we see the milk of a cow is sold by poor people to make their living. The cow eats grass.

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She is very happy when she grazes on green meadows eating fresh green grass. In our villages, these views are quite amazing when you see cows going in flocks for grazing.

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The child of a cow is called a calf. It is very beautiful and looks so innocent. The cow is a very loyal animal to her guardian. She gives milk even if she is hungry.

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She feels the pain of her guardian and shares his grief. It is the most humble, sweet, loyal and holiest animal. It is a blessing of God that we have a mother cow on earth.

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It is the oldest operating pet cemetery in the world. Situated in New York. Founded in by Dr. Samuel Johnson.

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There are three 3 animals in this newspaper. There are two 2 cows and one 1 dog. The cows are beasts of burden while the dog is a pet. They are all in news stories. The cows are real while the dog is a fantasy picture. Animals play a very important role in the human life. From the early days, animals have been very useful to man. They were mainly as transportation means, for food, hunting and protection.

Essay about Animals Must Be Protected

The early man also did farming by use of oxen. Animals also give companionship to humans and this is very important in the human life.

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  • Animals like dogs can also be used to guide the physically challenged like the blind and also the old. This is because they take very little time to learn unlike other animals. In the resent years, new bleeds have been developed and this has enhanced the relationship between animals like and cats and human beings Beck and Katche, Research laboratories uses animals like rats and rabbits to test drugs before giving them to humans.

    These researches are very important since they can be used to predict any future disease outbreaks and one can be able to protect themselves. Research involving laboratory animals is necessary to ensure and enhance human and animal health and protection of the environment.

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