Critique boondock saints essay

critique boondock saints essay

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Poems from different cultures essay the hunger games review essay feudalism in japan and europe comparison essay. Unfortunately, the Columbine High School massacre happened in April and changes the public mood about violence in movies, so when The Boondock Saints was released on 21 January it was only given a limited theatrical run with cuts. Indeed, neither Duffy, the producers, or principle cast got paid until Duffy sued for royalties and the rights to the sequel.

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While celebrating St. Duffy experiments with non-linear storytelling, like Tarantino, but his own attempts are clumsy and unnecessary half the time. Smecker then appears and explains what happened using Sherlockian deductions, allowing Dafoe to be incredibly eccentric and sound clever before we eventually flashback to see that things went down exactly as he said. I appreciate the idea, but it often just kills momentum and quickly grows tiresome. Thankfully, even Duffy gets bored of this trick, so, towards the end, he deploys a more enjoyable and visual way to achieve the same thing — with Smecker appearing in scenes with the MacManus twins, explaining what they did as we, the audience, see it happening for the first time around him.

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I found myself growing accustomed to how cheap and weird The Boondock Saints felt for the first half-hour, and there were admittedly moments when it did some unpredictable things. Although, as I said, everything is a riff on something Duffy saw done better elsewhere. Flanery and Reedus are okay as the leads, but only in terms of them looking attractive in black jackets and blue jeans while firing guns.

Ironically enough, the boys had a picture of a saint tattooed on their necks. It's symbolic that they show the world their faces in a courtroom.

The Boondock Saints Essay

Courtrooms are a place where justice is served, but that hasn't been the case recently. There were many cases in which people who should have been in jail got off based on how rich they were or who they know. So it's fitting they take care of the main Italian mob boss in the courtroom. He gets the justice he deserves in a courtroom, like the way it's meant to be. The brothers are religious people, they aren't bad guys and don't kill just for fun. In the film Boondock Saints, the story telling technique is the one of the most important elements.

The way the story is told in Boondock Saints also makes us identify with and understand the characters better. The uniqeness of the plot is another reason it is so important to Boondock. But in Boondock, we are given something we aren't used to. Every peice of the story in Boondock saints is put in it's place to create a cohesive ordering of the story that all contributes to the purpose of the film. The film Boondock Saints by Troy Duffy compiles many religious and moral beliefs. Throughout the film, religion plays a vital role.

Even in the first scene, it begins with the Irish brothers attending mass on Saint Patrick's Day. Moreover, the film techniques are very interesting within the Boondock Saints. I used to believe this until I came across a movie titled The Boondock Saints.

The Boondock Saints takes place in the seedy underworld of Boston. The saints say this line: Now you will receive us!

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The Boondock Saints Although there is a high level of violence and profanity, it never becomes dull.