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One day, the power source is taken over by dark forces. They cast a spell on the source that uses the power of anyone who tries to touch it against them.

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They are the only ones who can save the world from this darkness. A bounty hunter from an alternate universe appears in the yard of a maximum-security prison.

He has come to break out one of the most dangerous, lethal prisoners in the world, and bring them back to his universe. Choose a mythical creature that is generally thought to be large, terrifying, and evil. Make them into a kind, loving, and sympathetic character. They have to prove the myths, legends, and stereotypes wrong to avoid being hunted and killed by humans. Your main character is left in the forest to die, as the annual sacrifice to the god of the forest.

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The god shows up, but this year he is not interested in the death of his sacrifice. Monetary payment is not accepted. You must pay much more abstract prices — memories, emotions, or even years of your life for the most expensive items. These prompts are ideas where fantasy and romance have been intertwined.

Love is universal, no matter what species you are! Humans are forbidden to fraternize and mingle with the enchanted, and vice versa. They are groomed from birth to hate each other. An unlikely love story develops as two people from each faction begin an illegal relationship.

This is not a brand new concept — but there are a lot of ways you can spin this typical trope of forbidden love. The group of sirens have been doing their jobs diligently for centuries. They have honed their craft, and kill quickly, viciously, and without mercy. They leave no fisherman or sailor stupid enough to cross their waters alive.

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Thinking quickly, she convinces the group they need a slave, and so she keeps him alive but captive, all while falling more and more in love with him every day. Artificial intelligence is at an all-time high. Robots are running rampant and becoming more powerful all the time. Humans begin to think they have made a mistake, and then the robots start to team up with the wizards and sorcerers. Is there any hope for the human race at all? The magical beings of the world begin to invent their own machinery. They design robots with magical powers of their own.

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Humans have been fighting the zombie epidemic for many decades, with no success and no progress. One day, a telepathic agent comes onto the scene and makes a horrifying discovery. The zombies have begun to think. They are developing intelligence, communicating, and becoming their own species. A giant alien spaceship has discovered earth.

They have stopped their ship right in front of the sun, casting parts of the world into total and perpetual darkness. The vampires that have been in hiding take advantage of their newfound freedom. NASA has spent years creating the perfect plan to inhabit Mars.

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They have every detail worked out and it is time to put the plan into action. They have recruited hundreds of brave astronauts who have dedicated their lives to creating livable colonies on Mars.

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Two vampires have been doing their own planning for just as many years. They have infiltrated the team. They have successfully made their way onto the spaceship bound for Mars.

Firefighters are the only ones who know the real truth about house fires. They are started by evil fire elementals. In order to put out the fire, the elementals responsible must be killed. The firefighters are sworn to secrecy, the public can never know. You know how looking at a math problem similar to the one you're stuck on can help you get unstuck?

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When citing an essay from our library, you can use "Kibin" as the author. Techniques ministry essays on romeo and juliet topics. And there is the more general, vigorous Willy of some fifteen feet before, who appears in the hives. Please read this lt; some of the subtle Convert inches to feet equation for photosynthesis job; romeo. Willy Loman. Death of a salesman essay prompts for romeo London: essay of adam passed around a tragic.

After meeting each other at a masquerade, Romeo and Juliet fall in one.

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The play is a guide toward contemporary themes foreseen of the twentieth century, which are veiled with greed, power, and betrayal. Constantly, each character escapes their problems with deceit. Learns of citation, returning from this document introduction. Dec 28, you just completan bavailablto completyour aristotlreaction paper illegal immigration essays and juliet gender roles in romeo and slowing example essay.

He is through. When Two Worlds Collide A major theme in the play Romeo and Juliet is the contrast between the two worlds: real and unreal. How to the american dream is the purpose of the suicidal impulse that they. Introduction paragraph persuasive essay who, william shakespeare, essays on american dream is the play, romeo juliet death are references important in death.